Maki Yokoyama

Hometown: Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.
Yokoyama has been devoted to rhythmic gymnastics since the age of four.
After graduation, Yokoyama moved to Tokyo and gained experience with a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary genres, absorbing techniques outside the realm of rhythmic gymnastics. Becoming a member of Kaseda’s SPINNIN RONIN performance company, she began to learn Chinese martial arts from him.
Yokoyama’s most distinguishing traits are her soft and keenly agile movements and sense of balance, honed through the practice of rhythmic gymnastics. Adding to these she combines a particularly feminine suppleness with the powerful motions of Chinese martial arts learned from Kaseda, transcending genre in her own original style.
Her florid and lively performances using the ribbon often seen in rhythmic gymnastics are a highlight of several of enra’s pieces.

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